Sentry Ondash Camera

Guard the Turth

Ampulla Sentry with rear camera utilizes the most stable dual cameras CPU and advanced H.264 video compression technology. Incredible FHD 170° wide angle front viewing through six layers of full glass plus 160° IR lenses rear camera with LED enhancement, provides the 230° ultra range of surveillance.

Why Sentry with rear camera?

Full HD 1080P

Sentry Dash cameras for cars have Full-HD video resolution 1920*1080 at 30fps, using H.264 photography compression technology and Smooth Image Processing.

Better Night Vision

Built in 6 layers of full glass lenses with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) video technology plus infrared lens on the rear camera. Get a better night vision enhancement within 230° of ultra range view.

Massive Features

Built in G-senser, loop recording, motion detection, parking mode, Ignition detection, Brightness & Contrast settings allows to customize the optimized settings for you.

230° Ultra Wide View

Sentry dash cam comes with 6 layers of F/2.0 f=2.78 full glass lensess providing ultra wide 170 degree angle view plus 160 degree rear view, provides ultra wide viewing you never had before.

Reliable JL Core

High-end JL core processor is the fastest and more reliable choice for dual dash camera with G-senser, loop recording, motion detection, parking mode, etc.

Unique Reverse Assistance

The rear camera of Sentry comes with black & red wires for connecting the reverse light. The four built in LED lights will be actived at reverse gear.

Front Camera:

Display:        3.0 inch TFT LCD screen
DSP:              JL
Lens:             170 degree wide angle 6-layer full glass lens with wide aperture F/2.0
Video:            H.264 compressed format; 
                        1920X1080P/30fps FHD,
                        Image JPEG; 12M Pixels
Audio:            Microphone and speaker equipped
Memorizer:  External: Up to 32GB C10 TF, SD card 
USB Port:      USB 2.0, Mini USB
WDR:             Support
Languages:  English, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

Rear Camera:

Video:            H.264 compressed AVI format; 720x480P/30fps
Audio:            Microphone and speaker equipped
Lenses:          160 degree wide viewing angle and multi-layer glass lense
Sealing:          IP67 level waterproof, dustproof & snow proof

Sentry with rear camera took only 56 days to become the Top 1 Seller of dual dash cam on

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